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Instant Compost Tea with Added Microbes

Instant Compost Tea is the first & original compost tea that requires no brewing. Our water soluble powder creates a tea with a beneficial microbe density that could never be achieved in traditionally brewed teas. In addition to being more potent that traditional Teas, our patent pending Instant Compost Tea recipe is far more sanitary; simply add water, stir and it’s immediately ready for use.

No Brewing Required

Mighty Plant's patent pending recipe is easy to use and does not require any brewing. Simply measure the product, mix with water & stir; our bio-rich tea will provide your plants with beneficials necessary to flourish.

Naturally Powerful

Our compost tea is an excellent source of nutrients, & provides unmatchable bio-activity around the root zone & within the plant. This drastically improves root mass, canopy development & quality-driven yields.

Water Soluble Powder

Instant Compost Tea is a water soluble powder that is extremely versatile in application. This powder can be used in hydroponics, irrigation systems, foliage spray, as a root drench, soil dress & much more!

To Use
Advanced Compost Formula With 100% Natural Ingredients

Amino Acids

Increases stress resistance, improves photosynthesis, increases cell wall strength & improves yields.


Excellent source of natural growth stimulants that also provides nutrients and aids in nutrient uptake.


Aids in breaking down nutrients in the soil to allow easier and more efficient absorption by plants.


Readily available source of energy for root, leaf & flower growth that also improves plant tolerance.

Bacillus Subtillis

Responsible for attacking harmful pathogens, and stimulating the plant's natural resistance & defense.

Bacillus Licheniformis

Significantly increases the overall bio-mass of the plant by enhancing the water use efficiency (WUE)

Bacillus Megaterium

Exponentially expands root system by increasing the number of roots, the length, and overall growth of the roots.

Bacillus Amylolquefacients

These bacteria provide nutrients that are in short supply, and produce chemicals that induce the plant's growth.

Limitless Application

Our Instant Compost Tea contains a proprietary blend of bio-actives and nutrients that are compatible with any crop under any nutrition plan. The benefits can be applied to all plants, during any stage to provide thriving results. A single pound of Instant Compost Tea can make up to 160 gallons of ready to use compost tea!

Indoor Plants

Outdoor Plants

Fruit Trees




Product Info

Feeding Chart

Original inventor

The Mighty Plant, original inventor of Instant Compost Tea has years of research invested into our proprietary Instant Compost Tea blend. In our blend we have selected only university tested probiotic bacterial strains with the proven capability to produce beneficial molecules for the plant.

250+ Five Star Ratings

Andrew F Gallagher

This stuff did amazing things in my aquaponics setup. Lots of flower and new leaf growth! The fish tolerated it well, and I'll be using it again! I love this stuff. So easy to infuse with water. Mixed it with my main sump tank and it got nutrients to all the right spots in the aquaponics garden!


This product is excellent for those who cannot or don't want to have to brew a batch of tea every week. Dissolves quickly, and my plants have responded very well. Used a little bit on cuttings, which helped it to root several days earlier than estimated.

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