The Role of Plant Hormones in Fruit Development

Plant hormones are either a natural or synthetic chemical that a plant uses to cause a certain developmental reaction in the plant. In tomatoes, different growth hormones play pivotal roles in germination, root development, canopy branching, flower initiation, fruit size, density and ripening.

To boost tomato production, The Mighty Plant company has developed a series of Probiotic plant foods and supplements that contain organic precursors for many types of plant hormones. Let’s zero in on how these organic Probiotics enhance plant growth, bloom, canopy and improve yield by increasing fruit density, fruit size, fruit set and ultimately fruit taste and flavor.

Auxins are a family of plant hormones that include, among others, gibberellic acid, naphthalene acetic acid (NAA), cytokines, brassinolides and indole-3- acetic acid (IAA).

One of the important Auxins we will discuss here is indole-3-acetic acid (IAA). It plays important roles in a number of plant activities, root development, canopy branching, bud induction, bloom, flowering, parthenocarpy (Seedless Fruit), fruit density and yield.

As plant produced IAA is transported down the stem to the roots, the overall development and growth of roots are stimulated. The longer and more branched root system can uptake more nutrients from the soil which are then transported to plant sinks to increase flowering and fruiting. If the source of IAA is removed, such as by trimming the tips of stems, the roots are less stimulated and yield decreases. You will learn later how a foliar application of Mighty Plant Instant Compost Tea can stimulate root growth.

Of the many amino acids found in Mighty Plant Probiotic Plant Food, Tryptophan is a precursor to IAA and is a significant contributor of IAA to the root system. Bacillus microbes in Mighty Plant targets tryptophan and precisely converts it to IAA. In fact, there is a very close association with certain Bacillus microbes and the natural production of IAA in the soil ecosystem. The same association and production of IAA occurs on the leaf surface when Mighty Plant is sprayed on the foliage. In this case IAA is taken in through the leaf stomata.

IAA plays a significant role in bud induction, fruit development, flowering and fruit density (number of fruit per stem). Scientists found that application of IAA protects the flower and prevents premature fruit drop and increases fruit size and length of fruit. Others reported that less days are required for 50% flowering, less days for fruit setting and fruit clustering and density were significantly shortened by the application of IAA. Tomatoes treated with IAA have decreased height but increased branching and the highest number of fruit per plant. Plants have more leaves and flowers, increased fruit set, size and weight.

The comments from cultivators have described similar results from using Mighty Plant Instant Compost Tea, either by drench or as a foliar spray to significantly increase size of fruit, the number and weight of fruits per plant. This corroborates what scientists have found to be true: significant results from IAA are obtained from either foliar sprays or by adding to the growth media. Scientists have also found by use of IAA, it triggers the plant to produce other beneficial hormones such as, auxins, gibberellins and cytokinin.

From this review it can be seen that auxins like IAA has a stimulatory effect on plant growth, flowering, fruit setting, fruit density, yield and favoring of seedless fruit.

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